Dream Bedrooms

If you are getting the right amount of sleep which is between 7-9 hours, then over a lifetime, you will spend close to one-third of your time in bed. There are a number of simple ways to make your bedroom the relaxing, rejuvenating retreat you deserve. Here’s how to give this important room the attention it deserves.

Close your eyes and picture your perfect room…………………..maybe you will envision a luxury hotel atmosphere; a spa vibe with calming sounds and subdued lighting; or a beach cottage painted in the colours of the sea. With your vision and these easy tips, you are on your way to making your bedroom the comfortable oasis you imagined.


When it comes to style, the options in bedroom furnishings are unlimited. From traditional 4-poster beds to panelled headboards to romantic scrolling iron ones, bedroom furnishings make it easy to express your personal style. However, while the look of armoires and nightstands is timeless, today’s design also encourages mixing and matching from different collections.


Choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom retreat will set the stage for relaxation. The colours you select will dictate the look of the rest of the room. But, for a calming environment, think of soothing tones from nature; shades of the sky, sand, and sea. For a spa-like feel, choose accent in different tones of similar colours or for a more energized look, use pops of complementary colours in pillows and accessories.


Choose lamps rather than harsh, overhead lighting to supply soothing lighting for your retreat. Stylish lamps are available in a variety of looks to coordinate with your bedroom furnishings and special soft light bulbs cast a glare-free, flattering light. Also choose light blocking shades if the first rays of morning frequently rouse you too early.


Everything about the bedroom should be designed for comfort starting with the mattress. A quality mattress is essential to getting a good night’s sleep and is an investment in your health. If the mattress is more than 8 years old, it’s probably time to consider getting a new one, ASAP. If you have room for a chair or a bench in the bedroom, they are great addituions that make it easy to dress, undress and put on shoes as well.


Ooooooh yes, shhhhhhh! Peace and quiet are necessary for rejuvenating. Plush comforters, fluffy pillows and a soft rug can all buffer sounds. Also, consider a white-noise machine or one that plays relaxing sounds of nature to soothe you to sleep.


Complete your retreat with the softest and most comfortable linens that suit your budget. Pick a plush comforter and cozy sheets in colours that coordinate with your décor palette. Add texture interest with a hand-knit blanket and interesting accent pillows.

Yes indeed, close your eyes and picture your perfect bedroom!

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